The Bubbly Bares since 1983.......we know how to throw a party!
      In October 1982 Tom & Joyce Holroyd visited Hedonism II, Jamaica for the first time. They fell in love with the island and the friendliness of the Jamaican people. When they returned home they began recommending the hotel and Jamaica to their friends for a future trip. In February of 1983 they returned taking along with them 6 friends. While on this trip they met two other couples. As with vacationing couples everyone exchanged addresses and agreed to keep in touch. Joyce volunteered her time to write a quarterly newsletter to keep all involved and up to date.   In October 1983 Tom & Joyce returned to Hedonism II once again and began telling the guests about their February Group. Through friends, other friends and friends of friends the Bubbly Bares began to grow. In February of 1985 we decided our group needed a name. A contest was held. The tradition of the Champagne Party on the beach had already been established with the group bringing bottles of the effervescent drink to Jamaica for this occasion to let loose and party. Thus the word "Bubbly" was coined along with "Bares" which was the result of sun bathing "au natural". Thus the name BUBBLY BARES was established.   Tom and Joyce, (Papa Bare and Mama Bare), led the Bubbly Bares until 1995 when they turned the reigns over to Darrell and Carolyn Taylor, (Tigger and Pooh Bare). They served as "leaders of the pack" until the Spring of 2003 when Bare Masters, Jim and Shirley Sharkey, (Big Bare and Honey Bare), took over the leadership. The Bubbly Bares have now chosen a fourth generation of Bare Masters, Melda and Gary (the Diva & Kool G) whose tenure began November 2010. 

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